40 Inch Led Tv

40 Inch LED TV Features:

The joy of watching TV on a huge screen is irreplaceable. Whether it is watching your favourite football match or your cherished TV show or just flipping channels joblessly, watching TV is one activity no one would deny loving. In spite of having various other mediums of entertainment, TV has managed to top the list for ages now. Enjoy the television watching experience in a better way with rich HD clarity and sound quality with a 40 inches LED screen. An added advantage of watching television on a huge 40 inches LED screen is that the energy consumption is low when compared to other screen types. These 40 inches screens are a hot favourite among cinema and gaming addicts. The joy of watching a high-definition movie on a huge screen with brilliant audio clarity is one of the best joys of life. Choose a Philips 40 inches LED TV from a trusted brand that comes with advanced features.

  • Smart Browser
  • Smart Share
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Story Replay
  • Watch movies from your USB
  • More vibrant colours for better images


Screen Size      Screen Size(cm)    Resolution
  40"               101.6 cm          1,366 x 768
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