High definition increased the size of image, additionally improved the image quality through many different image enhance technologies such as progressive scanning, 2D/3D dynamic noise reduction, WDR, etc. In a nutshell, high definition offers superior image quality. A conventional 960H analog camera providing 960H/WD1 resolution offers a resolution of 960×480 pixels (NTSC) or 960×576 pixels (PAL) after the signal has been digitized in a DVR or a video server, which corresponds to a maximum of 552,960 pixels.

A high definition camera can monitor a much wider area than conventional security camera. For example, a 12 megapixel panoramic camera comes with a fisheye lens to provide 360 degree panoramic view angle video monitoring. Through integrated with 12 megapixel image sensor and ePTZ (virtual pan/tilt/zoom), as well as split views, it can replace several conventional security cameras, greatly reduce the installation cost and maintenance fee.

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